Warm Tips About Factory Closure And Holiday Schedule In 2024 CNY Holiday

To all members and distributors in ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute),SAGE and PSI:

You may have suppliers in China, we would like to remind you that Chinese factories will be closed from January 25th to February 25th, 2024 due to the upcoming CNY holiday. Here are some warm tips we’d like to provide.

  1. Orders received after January 17th, 2024, Chinese factories could not guarantee to complete production before the Chinese New Year holiday. Therefore, we strongly recommend placing your orders as early as possible to ensure timely delivery and meet your event date.
  2. There will be significant strain on both domestic shipping and international shipping capacities. Shipping would cost some more days than expected. We want to remind you to expedite your order schedule to avoid the expected trouble happening.
  3. Here are some productions for 500-1,000pcs. We hope this will help you to make a great decision.

Novoline Promotions, a 5-star supplier that has offices and staff in New City USA, and Suzhou China. Our client received these tips last week. These tips also help them to arrange their subsequent work more orderly.

We sincerely hope your goods can be completed smoothly and delivered on time before the Spring Festival holiday.

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