Top 10 Best Promotional Products Customers Purchased From Novoline Promotions in Summer 2023

In the industry of promotional products, Novoline Promotions which has both offices and staff in CNY City US, and Suzhou China provided thousands of promotional products to distributors in ASI, SAGE and PSI. When we look back to see what are the top 10 promotional products in the summer of 2023, here is the list..

1. novo161 Foldable Classic Sunglasses

Novoline\’s foldable classic sunglasses are a versatile and practical promotional item. Their foldable design makes them convenient for travel and storage, while the classic style appeals to a wide audience. These sunglasses offer UV protection and come in a variety of colors, making them a stylish and functional accessory.


2. novo059 Miami Classic Sunglasses Solid Color

The Miami classic sunglasses in solid colors are a timeless choice for promotional giveaways. Their sleek design and solid colors make them a versatile option for branding. The UV protection and durable construction ensure that they are not only fashionable but also provide essential eye protection.


3. novo815 Classic Miami Glasses with Bamboo Temples

Combining classic style with eco-friendly materials, Novoline\’s classic Miami glasses with bamboo temples are a standout promotional item. The bamboo temples add a unique touch to the classic design, making them a fashionable and sustainable choice for promotional giveaways.


4. novo957 Zinc 1.5 inches Brass Challenge Coin

Challenge coins have a long history of representing camaraderie and achievement. Novoline\’s zinc challenge coin is crafted with precision and attention to detail, making it a prestigious token for commemorating special events or milestones.


5. novo958 Zinc 2 inches Die Struck Brass Challenge Coin

Similar to the 1.5-inch coin, Novoline\’s 2-inch challenge coin offers a larger canvas for intricate designs and customization. Its die-struck brass construction ensures durability and a high-quality finish, making it a cherished keepsake for recipients.


6. novo065 Head Tie Sports Headband Athletic Sweatbands

Ideal for sports enthusiasts, Novoline\’s head tie sports headband is a practical and stylish accessory. Its moisture-wicking fabric and comfortable fit make it perfect for active lifestyles, while the customizable branding options offer promotional versatility.


7. novo1824M Comfort Cotton Fashion Sun Visor With Logo

For a trendy yet practical promotional item, Novoline\’s cotton fashion sun visor with a logo is a standout choice. Its comfortable cotton construction and adjustable strap ensure a perfect fit, while the prominent logo placement offers excellent brand visibility.


8. novo179 Milk Cow Shaped Stress Reliever

In the realm of novelty stress relievers, Novoline\’s milk cow-shaped stress reliever stands out. Its whimsical design and squeezable texture make it a fun and memorable giveaway, perfect for adding a touch of lightheartedness to any promotional campaign.


9. novo723 Retractable Lighter Holder

Practical and customizable, Novoline\’s retractable lighter holder is a versatile promotional item. Its retractable design ensures convenience and safety, while the customizable branding area offers ample space for logos or messages.


10. novo092 2-in-1 Two Color 2-Sided Dual Ended Highlighter Bi-Lighter

Novoline\’s 2-in-1 highlighter bi-lighter is a multifunctional promotional tool that combines the functionality of a highlighter with a ballpoint pen. Its dual-ended design and two-color highlighter tips offer versatility, making it a valuable addition to any desk or pencil case.


Novoline Promotions\’ top 10 promotional products for summer 2023 showed their extraordinary sourcing and procurement capabilities in the Chinese market. From classic sunglasses to stress relievers, each item offers unique advantages that cater to diverse promotional industry needs.

Novoline Promotions believes that in the summer of 2024, we can still bring more hot products to ignite the global promotional products market.

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