Smooth Stretch Automatic Pet Leash

Retractable, it skilfully balances the freedom and safety of your dog, making it easier for you to walk your dog. Flat type rope outlet, 180?? no rope roll, no rope snagging, not easy to wrap and knot, smooth retrieval without snagging. Short-range braking system, quick control, easy to operate, suitable for both young and old. The handle fits the palm of your hand, is comfortable, and does not strangle your hand. Chrome-plated alloy spring hook, thick and sturdy, not easy to rust. In silicone anti-collision buckle design, the impact of the hook on the shell is reduced when the buffer rope is quickly recovered. Soft rubber curved handle, the position of contact with the hand is made of TPE soft rubber, comfortable grip.

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5.91*4.33 inches (197'')


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