Replaceable Battery 304 Stainless Steel Insulation Cup Intelligent Temperature Display Bottle

It’s lightweight,ideal for post offices,courier express companies,logistic and parcel shipping companies,packaging wholesalers,mail order companies,shipping supplies sellers,office stationery suppliers,online retail stores,home use.Upgrade the intelligent cover, the temperature of touch to show, intelligent temperature display panel, real-time know the water temperature. 3 years of durable life, not use automatically rest screen, do not need to worry about the tedious replacement of batteries. 304 stainless steel liner, high standards, layer by layer with care for the health of the heart. Small body large capacity, anytime, anywhere, want to moisturize without stopping.304 reflux lid, precision rotary thread, sealing the temperature. The convex cup bottom, the bottom of the non-slip design, is wear-resistant and fall-proof. Food grade 304 filter, filter tea residue. Customized exclusive logo, suitable for business gifts, party gifts, company activities to commemorate, employee benefits, and other purposes.

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