Portable Compartmentalized Pill Cases

Portable pill boxes are compact, easy to carry, and simple to operate, and can play a role in helping patients take their medication on time to a certain extent. It is very suitable for people who have to go out but don’t want to bring a big bag of medicines. Say goodbye to the traditional drawbacks of opening the lid, ergonomic design, and emergencies every second to zero waiting. One-handed sliding lid, save time and labor, free one hand, once to get the medicine, once to get a cup of water. According to the size of the pill sliding lid, one at a time, easy to take the medicine. Drugs need to be stored away from light, the shell lightproof design can reduce the problem of light. Silicone lanyard design, can be hung on keychains, bags, and other items, small and exquisite, carry with you.

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1.38*3.54 inches


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