Mother & Baby Food Grade Silicone Children’s Bowl with Two Ears

Baby silicone binaural bowl, make your baby love the eating bowl, choose food-grade silicone material, high and low-temperature resistance, and easy to clean. Loaded into a variety of delicious complementary foods, big mouth to eat, not picky about food, to develop good eating habits. With a strong suction cup, naughty baby does not knock over, differentiate between different foods, is nutritionally balanced, not easy to string the flavor, large capacity, to meet the baby’s appetite. Integral soft silicone, not easy to leave stains, high-temperature resistance to 210 ??, can be assured of boiling and other high-temperature disinfection. Can be refrigerated or microwave heated, adaptability MAX, baby always tastes the temperature of the delicious.

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4.72*4.33*2.36 inches


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