Food Grade Silicone Fork & Spoon Set

In babies in the early stages of complementary feeding, the use of unsuitable tableware may encounter choking, poking of the throat, damage to the oral cavity, and a series of problems, to avoid these problems, the choice of appropriate tableware is particularly important. Selected food-grade silicone material, safe and odorless, baby bites at will, mother more assured. Specifically designed for babies, the handle fits the hand, the grip does not slip, easy to scoop out food, Q elastic soft spoon head, smooth rounded edges without burrs, and does not hurt the baby’s mouth. Soft silicone, strong toughness, drop-resistant, tugging and chewing without deformation. One-piece molding, clean without dead angle, support boiling, steam, and other disinfection methods.

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5.31*1.3 inches


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