Food Grade Drop-proof Large Suction Cup Bowl

Baby professional independent learning to eat silicone bowl, baby easy to scoop food, solve the baby’s daily eating troubles, fast and independent eating. Loaded into a variety of delicious complementary foods, big mouth to eat, not picky, to develop good eating habits, growth naturally one step faster. The bowl body is strictly selected food-grade silicone material, safe, odorless, BPA-free, casual licking and biting without worrying, assured that every bite seriously feels the mother’s heart. The bottom of the bowl is designed with a large suction cup, which can be adsorbed on the smooth desktop, so the baby can eat without fear of knocking over. One-piece molding, the inner wall is rounded and smooth, easy to clean, stains are not easy to remain, temperature resistance -40 ?? to 230 ??, can rest assured that the water boiling and high-temperature disinfection.

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5.12*2.36 inches


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