Elevate Your Daily Essentials with the Novo3657M 12-in-1 Stainless Steel Tool Card with PU Holder


In today’s ever-evolving landscape, adaptability and ease are paramount. Whether you’re an avid explorer, a hands-on DIY enthusiast, or simply someone who values the convenience of consolidated tools, the Novo3657M 12-in-1 Stainless Steel Tool Card with PU Holder stands ready to redefine your approach to daily endeavors. This innovative tool seamlessly merges practicality, durability, and portability into a sleek and versatile design that seamlessly integrates into your everyday carry.

Here at Novoline Promotions, our dedication to delivering premium-grade products that enhance our customers’ lifestyles is unwavering. The Novo3657M epitomizes this dedication. Join us as we delve into the myriad features and advantages that make this tool an indispensable addition to your daily toolkit.

Unparalleled Versatility at Your Fingertips:

Prepare to be astounded by the sheer versatility embodied within the Novo3657M. With a comprehensive suite of 12 essential tools ingeniously condensed into a single card, this powerhouse of utility ensures you’re equipped to handle any task that comes your way. Let’s explore the diverse array of functions it offers:

  1. Screwdriver: Bid farewell to the hassle of rummaging through cluttered drawers for the right screwdriver. The Novo3657M boasts an assortment of screwdriver heads in various sizes, ensuring you’re equipped for any screw-related endeavor.
  2. Bottle Opener: Enjoy the convenience of cracking open a cold beverage wherever you roam with the integrated bottle opener, adding a touch of spontaneity to your outdoor escapades.
  3. Can Opener: Conquer stubborn cans effortlessly with the integrated opener, ensuring you have access to your preferred canned goods whenever hunger strikes.
  4. Ruler: Need to gauge dimensions on the fly? The built-in ruler delivers swift and precise measurements for an array of tasks, from DIY projects to everyday errands.
  5. Butterfly Wrench: Seamlessly tighten or loosen nuts and bolts with the butterfly wrench feature, simplifying household repairs or automotive maintenance.
  6. Saw Blade: Whether you’re traversing the wilderness or engaged in home renovations, the saw blade ensures you’re primed to cut through materials with finesse and accuracy.
  7. Direction Ancillary Indicator: Never lose your bearings again with the built-in direction ancillary indicator, an invaluable tool for navigating unfamiliar terrain during outdoor expeditions.
  8. Keychain Hole: Keep your Novo3657M within easy reach by attaching it to your keychain, ensuring you’re perpetually prepared to tackle unforeseen challenges.
  9. Position Wrench: Effortlessly adjust bolts and screws with the position wrench feature, obviating the need for cumbersome toolkits and optimizing efficiency.
  10. Straightedge Screwdriver: Maneuver through confined spaces with ease using the straightedge screwdriver, ideal for accessing elusive screws in electronics or furniture.
  11. Double-Row Cone Knife: From parcel opening to material slicing, the double-row cone knife delivers unparalleled precision and versatility in a compact form.
  12. Lanyard Hole: Safeguard your Novo3657M by securely fastening it to a lanyard during outdoor pursuits or travel, ensuring it’s always within reach when the need arises.

Robust Construction, Stylish Form:

Forged from premium stainless steel, the Novo3657M is engineered to endure the rigors of daily use without compromising on aesthetics. Its resilient construction guarantees steadfast performance across diverse environments, from the workshop to the great outdoors. Moreover, the sleek and contemporary design adds a dash of sophistication to your everyday carry, elevating it to a statement accessory that exudes refinement.

The included PU holder not only shields your tool card from wear and tear but also enhances its accessibility. Whether nestled in your pocket, backpack, or glove compartment, the PU holder ensures your Novo3657M remains secure and readily accessible whenever duty calls.

Practicality Harmonizes with Portability:

A hallmark feature of the Novo3657M is its unparalleled portability. Measuring a mere few millimeters in thickness, this tool card effortlessly slips into your pocket or bag, ensuring you’re primed for any challenge that lies ahead. Whether embarking on a weekend camping sojourn, tackling home improvement ventures, or simply running errands, the Novo3657M guarantees you’re equipped with the tools requisite for success, all housed within a convenient package.

Bid farewell to the burden of lugging around bulky toolkits or rummaging through disorganized drawers in search of the right implement. With the Novo3657M, everything you require is meticulously arranged and readily accessible, saving you time, space, and frustration. It represents the ultimate solution for individuals who prioritize practicality, versatility, and efficiency in their everyday carry essentials.


In summary, the Novo3657M 12-in-1 Stainless Steel Tool Card with PU Holder epitomizes the pinnacle of versatility, durability, and portability encapsulated within a compact and convenient form. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer, a fervent DIY enthusiast, or simply someone who values having the precise tool for every undertaking, this innovative tool card emerges as your indispensable companion.

Here at Novoline Promotions, we take immense pride in offering products that enrich our customers’ lives and augment their daily experiences. Visit our website today to explore further and secure your Novo3657M. Armed with this indispensable tool, you’ll confront every challenge with confidence and ease, wherever your adventures may lead.

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