Customised Vinyl Sun Protection Folding Ultralight Umbrella

Vinyl rain and sunny dual-purpose umbrella, effective sun protection, more effective in blocking UV rays, so that the skin is protected from aggression, no matter daily life, urban commuting and so on can bring you a cool experience, sun protection and fashion at the same time. Compact and lightweight, easy to store, suitable for all kinds of bags. Light as a feather, lighter than a mobile phone, more than 200 grams lighter weight than a normal tri-fold umbrella. Strictly selected high-quality high-density umbrella fabric, supported by composite vinyl process technology, outstanding heat insulation and sun protection at the same time, taking into account the lightness and wear resistance. Selected top quality materials, the balance of design and function, interpretation of extraordinary aesthetics.


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34.65*18.5 inches/8.27*1.57 inches

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