Four Cute Stress Relievers From Novoline Promotions

Novoline Promotions sold out thousands of Stress relievers in 2023. This would be an entirely new way to enhance your brands in upcoming 2024. That\’s the reason we wrote this article to introduce you our PU stress relievers today. Our stress relievers are designed to provide both brand promotion and stress relief.

1. novo6256C PU Sitting Lion Design Stress Reliever

Our PU Sitting Lion Design Stress Reliever is a charming addition to our collection. Made from environmentally-friendly PU material, this stress reliever is a cute lion design that is sure to capture your customers\’ attention. Its soft and squeezable touch makes it ideal for stress relief, while its customizable branding options allow you to print your logo on it.


2. novo6255C PU Jungle Tiger Stress Reliever

Roar into the world of stress relief with our PU Jungle Tiger Stress Reliever. This Jungle Tiger stress reliever features a tiger design that exudes strength and confidence. Whether used as a desk decoration or a promotional giveaway, this stress reliever is definitely to make a great statement for your brand.


3. novo6254C PU Ghost Emoji Stress Reliever

Add a touch of whimsy to your promotional efforts with our PU Ghost Emoji Stress Reliever. This fun stress reliever features a friendly ghost emoji design that is both fun and functional. Please print your logo on it to capture customers\’ eyes.


4. novo6253C Fire Emoji Design Stress Reliever

For a fiery addition to your promotional lineup, consider our Fire Emoji Design Stress Reliever. This vibrant stress reliever features a bold fire emoji design that is sure to catch the eye. Whether used as a stress-relieving toy or a promotional gift, this Emoji Design stress reliever is guaranteed to spark interest in your brand.


Novoline Promotions\’ PU Stress Relievers offer a great opportunity to promote both relaxation and fun while showcasing your brand. With a range of fun designs and customizable logo options, these stress-relieving products are the perfect giveaway for businesses looking to make a lasting impression on your customers. Visit our website to see more PU pressure relief products and see how they can do there to help your brand\’s promotions.

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